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I, on behalf of the Khuzestan Water and Power Authority have the pleasure to invite all researchers, scholars and experts to participate in the Thirteenth International Drainage Workshop which will be held in Ahwaz, Iran in 2017.

M. R. Shamsaee
Chairman and Managing Director Khuzestan Water and Power Authority

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Exhibition of 13th International Drainage Workshop

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International Drainage Workshop Exhibition









Dear Friends,
On behalf of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), I have the pleasure to invite you to the13th International Drainage Workshop (IDW) of ICID to be held from 4-7 March 2017 at Ahwaz City, Iran the capital of Khuzestan Province located on the banks of the Karoun (Karun) River.
Saeed Nairizi
President, ICID



About Ahwaz

Ahvaz or Ahwaz is a city in the southwest of Iran,
and the capital of the oil and natural gas wealthy Khuzestan province.
At the 2011 census, its population was 1,112,021 and its built-up area with Sheybany was home to 1,136,989 inhabitants.